Variant Civilization names are not placeholders?

I thought Sultans army, John De’arc, Order of the dragon and Jade emperor are just placeholders for new civ names… After watching Age of noob videos it seems these are the actual names? Sultans army? which sultan? Ayubid, Fatimid, Mamluke? John De’arc sounds like just French with a hero. Jade emperor is not even historical civ. Only order of the dragon makes sense but then again they were not germans and did not use Landsknect.

Definitely not pre-ordering this before more information is shared. If we getting only 2 historical civs and 4 civs without any context then Ill wait till discount. What a let down was really hoping for a crusader state for French variant like Kingdom of Jerusalem or something :upside_down_face:


age of noob probably cant give the names of the civs so he tells the names which given by announcement

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If it’s just a placeholder, that’s great.

If not, then I hope to make changes.

The name ‘Jade Empire’ is full of the arrogance and prejudice of ‘Orientalism’, which is completely a baseless imagination and stereotype of Westerners towards Easterners.


AgeofNoob also said that he provided with feedback to the developers when he first saw those names, so I think these names aren’t placeholders.

I hope they change them to something better but I’m not sure if they will do it before the expansion comes out.


Yeah it sounds like what one of those loosely historical themed fantasy mobile games(the kind with um… weird female character design choices) would call their Chinese themed faction, not what a game with literal historical documentary footage in the campaigns would call China…


They are just giving hints about what those civs are ofcourse their name will change %100

These are the names that are provided on the xBox store page when you go to purchase the DLC on xBox. There’s a good chance picking the civ would be titled something like France - Jeanne D’Arc, but the names are official.

Yea I’m sorry but naming an entire civ “Jeanne of Arc” or “Sultan’s Army” sucks, not only because it doesn’t fit the naming conventions of the game at all, but also because it’s completely ahistorical. I realize the company has an intense obsession with Jeanne of Arc but there is no reason that an entire civ should be focused on her. She was a 19 year old girl who had a presence in French history for a few years, and the French campaign already focuses heavily on her. At the very most, give the variant a unique unit called a “heroine” or something that can buff surrounding units. Sultan’s Army is vague and unexciting, Jade Empire isn’t even real, and Order of the Dragon could have easily been Teutonic Order if they wanted to generate insane hype. I’m sure the variants are designed well mechanically, as every other civ in the game is very well designed, but they gotta change the themes for these “variant” civs.


Yep, the 19-year-old girl is now a civilization.’

Yep, there were many Sultans throughout the ages.

I am convinced that soon we will get King’s army, Raider’s army, and Khan’s army as civilization.

And the pro streamers don’t care about the names at all.
They will play anything to make more money, not to support and thrive together with the community.
This is how BIASED they are.
in other words, I would also describe it as toxic.
AOE says it is all about history, but makes a civilization that is named Jeanne d’Arc LOL


Well best way to counter is not buying at launch and wait for sales… For history and authenticity fans these 4 civs are pointless , as such not worth investing money on

kinda like Return of Rome where for some people AOE 1 didnt matter and they didnt want to spend 12$ on one civ so they are waiting for sale


Indeed, I am just using my CSGO cases to buy the DLC lol

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You have it easy then :rofl:
I have to pay 25% of my monthly salary to buy this dlc, would rather wait if it fails to reach expectation

Bought AOEIV with CSGO cases too, it is really nice.
Steam is giving money to its players and we love it

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My reaction to the expansion be like…
Announced → okay
Japanese confirmed → hyped
Byzantines conformed → hyyyyyped
4 more variant civs → hyyyyyyyyyyped
The actual name of the civs → nope


Well, for a polish student, these DLC are a bit expensive :sweat_smile:

But it’s still not as expensive as stuff from Paradox xDDD

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Wait two more days, a new photo will probably come out

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Instead of 4 imaginary civilizations that are not clear at all, they could offer us an additional civilization along with the civilizations of Japan and Byzantium.


They’ll become clear once they officially talk about them and besides when it comes to these variant civilizations according to sources that are under NDA says they are enough different to feel like a new civilization.

Time will tell but it sounds promising!

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I really hope the devs address the issue and maybe fix it. It’s not a wise choice to ignore majority of the community. Most people are fine with using art assets of existing civs to create new civs.

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( variant abbasid) Horse archer instead of camel archer, this is also from the new civilization. joke of the year

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