Variant Civs Should be Campaign Only

Yeah, I just don’t want them to add anything that makes the game worse because they won’t be able to get rid of it. I think the aoe2 devs have several civs they regret adding but what is done is done. I hope they aren’t making a big mistake

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12 civs soon. The next expansion (after this) will bring more.

That’s even worse, think about it. Those would have been drastic changes, totally unjustified, upsetting the fans of those civs. At least you can choose not to play the variants this way.

When trying new things, there’s always the risk of mistaking. But if you don’t try, you won’t know. It may even make things better, but you got to try first.

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Of course AoE 3 also came out with 8 civs and 2 years later it had 14 civs, AoE 4 would now have 12 civs (plus the 4 variants, which I don’t consider new civs per se)…

I support devs variant civs concept. I am open to the new things and game keep alive.

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Yes, I consider them as an AoE 4 version of the AoE 3 revolutions…

i disagree they are coola and should be in all game modes including campions

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I disagree with all the haters too, the new variants (specifying that those are not civs as all of you haters believe cause some youtubers treat them like that), are a pretty cool adittion to the game that will make us play the same civ with fresh mechanics and if we want to play the old design of the civ we can do and every one variant will have it’s weakness and fortitude in comparison of the civ they are variant, so I am very happy for that and can’t wait to play the DLC.

Got no problem with it now and I like the idea of Heroes but of course it can change when i play it