Various Ai Issues

it still attacks manors too often and gets stuck on useless buildings.

can be attacked on its way to a destination and is vulnerable.

can get into a cycle of targeting then leaving a building(mostly town centers). they just move back and forth until they are killed.

tunnel target tcs too much, sometimes leave buildings with only a fraction of hp available.

can still melee attack from range. its funny to see a brahmin stomp a group of strelets from literally a screen away.

Card choice could still use another look at. on hard difficulty campaigns ai should be allowed to use decks.

Army choices still kinda lackluster, cannon spam and combat building efficiency weight should be removed outright and making pikemen when muskets and halberds available in age 3+ makes little sense. army comps are the biggest way to tell if fighting an ai currently.

Ai does not automatically tribute a resource when it is in the last age and plenty of that resource.

Ai should also rebuild most wagons such as arsenal and church wagons when possible.

If the Ai has no viable targets it should research spies.

having an African Ai villagers rush to my auto killed cow in the beginning of the game makes it disappointing to play with African Ai as an African civ.

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