Very bad error random choice. and many bad things

i choice the tribe nation. but random another nation when game start. this is serious error problem. i cant choie my favorit nation.

all unit dont know direct way. unit cant find the near way, all unit dont know move easy way. its gg…

worker didnt work. worker must work but worker just stop very long time. if some worker rest, must show the player how many number worker dont work. but i cant know rest stop worker number = 0 worker must work tree gold stone… but worker stop when they narrow. i cant find rest stop worker very long game time. its gg… worker must work never stop. that is the game. or player must know number of stop worker. but i cant know.

Jesus, just download the idle worker pointer mod and idle worker huge arrow mod and you`re done

That doesn’t sort the problem. Idle pointer mod only shows actual idle villagers. Doesn’t show bugged vills trapped in between each other. Go to Next Idle villager doesn’t work either. It’s a bug in the game