Very bad performance. Any chance it'll ever get resolved?

AOE2DE lags very badly and drops as low as 48fps, the issue is because the game uses 1 core at maximum load and ignores the rest or uses a negligible amount of them. Luckily I have a Freesync monitor which removes tearing and stuttering under refresh rate but it clearly isn’t optimal.
My PC is powerful but the game is poorly optimized:

  • GPU: Vega 56 Strix
  • CPU: Ryzen 2600 X
  • RAM: 2x8GB 3000MHz

Old AOE version (2013-HD) had the same issue DE is having. In it’s unacceptable having 12 thread processors or better and still lagging in games because they use 1 thread. I know it’s hard to implement multithreading in games but is there any chance we’ll ever get it at any point? Anyone nowadays has 4 cores minimum, why not using them?

Just to make clear, normally I get around 170fps with everything maxed out. I also set the game to use high performance graphics in Windows Settings as suggested in the game troubleshooting.
The drops happen during certain situations like big fight, rushes or fast movements independently on the game graphics settings. CPU has 1 thread maxed out and the rest 11 threads on very low usage. This is limiting everything else including the GPU which has no issues at all in any game, it’s only getting bottlenecked because the game uses 1 core only