Very Big Problem AOE4

Hi all. I’ve been playing this game recently. I want to share the main problem that disgusts me. I just don’t want to play because of this.

When are you going to start punishing people who just quit the game? Without even playing for 15 minutes. As soon as someone attacks them, they immediately simply leave the game!

Playing a 1 vs 1 game like this is not fun at all. And if you play in a team, 80% of the time your ally just leaves the game! When you ban the search for a game for those who left the game prematurely.


Are you talking about Quick Play or Ranked?

We don’t need any of this especially in QM. Its already complete fiasco.

In the past I could avoid all known exploiters / hackers by dodging the queue now im forced to play with them.

Also if member of your team leaves, you’re also subject to leaver penalties unless you wait xx amount of minutes. Very fun experience to know from the start that if u leave either u get 15min penalty or u waste +5 minutes of your own time sitting in game that won’t be a game.

All of these “penalties” had just opposite effect which is increased amount of time wasted for unnecessary stuff

are you talking about 5 minutes?! Seriously ? I played for 40 minutes today and my ally just left the game. I was left against 2 of them. And he played until the end! If you are not ready to fight to the end, then it is better not to spoil the game for others! If it were rare, I wouldn’t write anything! This happens in 7 matches out of 10! Sometimes it happens that you come across adequate players! But this is rare! This needs to be punished!

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Not really enough info to go into details of your match or reason why your ally left. Maybe the game was over and you didn’t realize it was over and wanted to waste time.

But this I can say. I have played plenty of games where players stick in the game with that mentality and won’t leave when the game is 100% over and just waste time. I had ppl as mongol trying to hide their landmarks or china panick building landmark inside forest to hide it.

Ok with same logic punish anyone who sticks in game when the game is over.

All the “punishments” that we gotten have just increased time wasted and adding more on top of it adds just more of it.

in the past it was possible to dodge queues and avoid players who u knew where cheating or hacking or were just undesirable opponents or allies. Now u cant do this and you have to play often way less fun games which automatically make you not want to put the effort of playing.

If something we need to get rid off all the queue dodging things and stuff in QM etc.

Also what you’re suggesting is nearly impossible to do, because its match would’ve to be looked by someone to decide what ever the leaving reason was reasonable.

You’re probably one of those people who quits the game immediately when attacked, without even playing for 15 minutes

I hope in the future everyone who deliberately spoils the gameplay will be punished! Especially those who, like cowards, leave the game when they are attacked!

I think a lot of players just have an inflexible play style they can’t handle early pressure or just leave when their rush fails…

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No because ppl can still know that game is over without fighting.

There used to be one strategy in 2v2 that was so annoying to deal with that u had to predict it happening or just get lucky. If I saw my ally doing something that had no chance against this strategy I would leave, because it was 100% loss if strategy was played and big waste of time

Generally in any kind of MP game - particularly team games - there is heavy punishment for leaving before it’s over (generally not being able to play again for awhile or a temporary ban). See league of legends.

If the game is hopeless/over, that’s where surrender rules come into play.

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In the RTS genre, it’s a complex situation, especially when playing with random teammates. There’s a risk associated with playing with them instead of seeking out teammates to form a coordinated team.

If an allied player wants to leave because they see the game as 99% lost (and they don’t want to invest their time in trying to win that 1% chance), they shouldn’t be sanctioned or penalized for wanting to move on to another match.

There’s a community here, on Discord, and on Reddit where you can find like-minded teammates. Greetings.

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That’s the risk in every game. You shouldn’t have to be worried queueing 2v2 that your teammate will quit at 5 minutes because the English show up with 2 longbows. MOBA’s are probably the closest thing for team games to RTS due to time investment and length of games, and those generally have ways to surrender and punish leavers.

You can never give up! We need to play. Come Back is real if you don’t give up and play! And for this, you need to introduce some kind of punishment for leaving the game. How can a person go out at 10 minutes and think that he has no chance if he didn’t even try to play?! There were times when we lost and with perseverance we won. You can at least introduce a vote to give up. And not just leave the game after 10 minutes.

And league has surrender option which requires majority vote.

Do you know what league also has? Reconnect

And do u know what league suffers from?Where ppl give up and keep “playing” but not actually trying. You might call them trolls or what ever but if they just be there and try not winning its pointless match.

Why don’t you show one game where you thought it was still possible to win while ally left.

I mean, I agree surrendering should be included in the game before leavers are meaningfully punished. The 2 systems go hand in hand. Also there’s no good reason a game in 2023 shouldn’t have a reconnect function.

There’s currently an ongoing post on the reddit as well about frustration in 4v4s about people leaving in the first 2-7 minutes of the game. There is 0 good reason to leave within 5 minutes in a 4v4 game.

I have read the post and that entire post is completely different thing. Its not frustration of ppl leaving, but players receiving leaver penalty if someone on your team leaves and you leave afterwards.

Entirely separate thing from yours and sadly more you do these, more ppl will be effected while you’re not solving any problems.

The OP on this post is the frustration that people in team games leave as soon as the first sign of being attacked by an enemy, meaning they don’t even get to meaningfully play the game before it’s 3v4 or worse, while the post on reddit is about people quitting in the first 2-7 minutes.

Quitting so early in a team game before anyone has meaningfully lost anything just kills team games, and makes it so playing with randoms is basically impossible.

Not like something never happens to you that forces u to leave? Or game crash or disconnect. Various reasons that can cause these.

“Lost anything meaningful”

At 5min mark player is at 20-21 villagers as baseline. If you lose 4-5 villagers which is 20-25% of your economy and you call that not meaningful ?

Yes you can lose that many villagers to boar for example. I have killed 4-5 villagers with single boar and game was over at that point but opponents decided to stick in game and hope for miracle and 10minutes later they were dead.

And how you decide when its right time to surrender? Because Im fairly certain that most of us are not that great of judges to determine when something is over especially if you say that there is no way to inflict “meaningful” dmg early on.

There are other 2v2 strategies that basically check mates at 5-7 minute mark and if you know that its coming and your ally is not acting accordingly its game over. Same with some rushes. If your build order is completely out of whack and cant deal with rush its over.

Edit: Im saying this, because there is no way to add system that takes into consideration which would achieve goal and decide when something is actually over and not so any form of extra penalties will just make experience far worse like we’ve seen with dodge penalties.

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