Very easy trick to play unlimited custom campaign content without prolonging the game launch by a single second

Simply save as soon as the custom scenario launches (possible at 00’00’00) and subsequently unsubscribe from the mod. :slight_smile:
This can be done for x scenario and campaign mods on one day and then one has all the time in the world to play through all the saves. Crucially, the game doesn’t take longer to start.

This is especially interesting for the heavier campaign mods like for instance Kings of West Africa from PhillySouljah (148 MB), the Jarls of Jelling from BassiAoC (166 MB) or Dandolo from hammister8159 (385 MB).

Tradeoffs considering it’s a saved game:
→ No custom sounds (like spoken lines), meaning some rare scenarios become unplayable if they heavily rely on such sounds (like “The last Neanderthal” from PhillySouljah). For such exceptional scenarios, it’s better to play them the old-fashioned way, with the mod activated. :slight_smile:
-No campaign menu and no slideshows before or after
-The saved game doesn’t get updated if the mod gets updated.

I recommend to watch all the slideshows the day one is saving all the campaign missions.

Very important if one applies this very easy trick: like the mod so that the creator can still (somewhat) see one enjoys his work! One can like a mod without subscribing to it/even after one unsubscribed.

If the scenario has custom sounds, they would be disabled after doing this?

Good question. I had to check. Unfortunately, custom sounds, like spoken lines, are gone. :frowning:

Because of this, some rare custom scenarios get completely unplayable, like “The last Neanderthal” from PhillySouljah, a scenario which very heavily relies on custom sounds. For such exceptional scenarios I would recommend to do it the old-fashioned way, with the mod activated. :slight_smile:

I’ll edit my original post.

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