Very hard to find a place to build a dock

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ts very difficult to find a place to build a dock, with or without wall, all coast should be available to build a dock

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  2. try to build a dock anywhere of the coast, sometime you will find it difficult, specially in the map shown in the video below.


This makes no sense to me. 99% of the time you can build a dock. Sounds to me you’re doing something wrong yourself. Check yourself:

Docks cannot be build on Medium or Deep Water, (Oasis maps always have deep water in the middle)

Docks cannot be build if you didn’t explore the area. A lot of players use No Fog and Reveal Map in Single Player, cheating the view. However, even if you can see the map fully, your villagers cannot. Therefore you cannot place a dock if you didn’t explore that area. This can be easily checked if you type the same cheat codes again. The map will go dark and exactly show where you explored and where you didn’t.
The only time this works is if you in fact set the map type to Reveal All or Explored during lobby settings.

Finally, you simply lack the wood to build a dock.


i’ve seen streamers that say is very difficult to find a place to build dock. i hope you watch the video, and then comment

You’re posting AoEIII issues in AoE forum. I think you should first fix that.


Things that denies you a good site for creating a dock:
No water
Too high-Hill-Elevation
Too shallow-water
Not enough Explored area
Not enough Wood
Walls and buildings too close
Mouse cursor positioned poorly.

There may be more, the above are those I know of.
Most are already mentioned.
Give a shout if you find something new.

yep, and all that reason should be eliminated, just build the dock in 1 sec and not in 10!
no wood? lol
you only dont mention not villager selected, not opened game

I watched the video. The reason you couldn’t place your dock was because you built your walls too close to the water. While the dock is largely in water, part of it is on land (otherwise you wouldn’t be able to build it). There was simply no space left between your walls and the water for placing it down.

I usually build docks before walls for this purpose, but of course you may not have the wood for doing that.

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I would also put this down to user error, even in the original AOE3 it was quite an art form when placing docks and the build sequence can be quite temperamental especially for new players.

I can also confirm that docks are a bit hard to place.

I remember back in 2006 when one of Ensemble’s main designers and co-founder complained about that.

I can always manage placing a dock but the game is a bit too picky when it comes to such placement.

Surely the developers can improve that.