Very low fps in late game

Please, no more updates. I think the game production team never tested the patch before the patch was released, resulting in a decline in the number of frames in multiplayer games after 12 minutes. When the units more than 30, the frames drops to 20, when the number of units exceeds 50, the game frames drops to 10, and each chat is delayed for 2 to 5 seconds, which leads to the inability to play online games. I think the update of the game is not to make the game better, but to try to kill the game. If you have the same problem, please post to support me.

And why change sans serif fonts? Is it because you have nothing to do or because you want to force Empire 2 gamers to want play Empire 4?


yes, that sounds exactly what I am experiencing atm.
I never had any trouble or issues in age2DE before, except some lower fps in 4v4 games, but now I constantly get a fps/performance drop after some minutes in game and from this moment I always have the feeling of beeing a bit behind, until the game fast forward some seconds (unpossible to micro etc) This repeats without ending. As I first recognized it I thought it is my worse-pc or the high amount of actions in multiplayer matches (I recently started to plyy more teamgames), but I just a a hell of a game in 1v1. Never felt like I have to report anything, but this is just not playable anymore


Yes same issue here. It is laggy from the begging and becomes unplayable after 30 minutes


concur, very annoying to play with lag all the time

My game stutters since latest patch. Not for thing should dev focus more on game’s stability than rushing out more DLC.

Hi all!

Do you still have this issue in the new PUP?

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