Very shity bug with heardables

Whenever u task a villiger to kill and east a herd , villiger goes to herd and stop near it , and don’t kill them . Instead allll the herds of same type starts running away from him , towards tc . Sometimes villiager follow them , sometimes don’t . U can’t eat herd unless u manually delete them . Making herding impossible With live stock .

Villiger can eat herd normally only and only when herds are arround tc , anywhhere else u can’t eat them . So shity bug

I tested it with swedon , Incas , china and Spain .

yep, made me lose the entire game because the sheeps kept running directly towards the town center which was having a battle so i couldn’t collect food to support my army, i don’t know if this was made on purpose or not like in AoE2 but it doesn’t make sense anyway because the villagers in AoE3 don’t need to drop the resources in a town center so why the hell would the sheeps be gathered around a town center?

It can’t be on purpose , else livestock pen would be waste , when everytime sheep’s goes to tc . Needs to be fixed asap