Very weird bug on private server

Hi guys,

whenever myself or a friend of mine creates a game on a private server the game becomes totally weird. No civilization bonus works (i.e Huns suddenly have to build houses, Khmer walk to the TC/mill to drop of their food, Inka house bonus doesnt work and so on). Also the techtrees are wrong. In our last game for example Britains got Steplancers and all Civilizations got Elite Battle Elephants :smiley: I have no idea what this is. If i play ranked games everything works fine ofcourse. This problem seems so weird that i dont think that noone else has had the same issues so far. So, is this a known issue? If yes any solutions?

This results from turning on “all techs”. It evens out the tech tree for all civs but all unique bonuses are gone. Turn it off.