Viable elephants? Non-european expansion pack?








What do you mean? Elephants have always been viable if used right. 11

Too much food, just the Malay are viable


How much hate and resentment towards Europeans


Actually true, when will Europeans get a unique regional unit equivalent to Steppe Lancers and Elephants? :open_mouth:

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This feels like a massive exageration. We have gotten literally 6 Euro civs in a row


Not to mention almost half the current civs are from Europe.

If you ever hear someone shout “yes, a non-red M&M!” they probably don’t hate or resent the color red, they just got a weirdly/badly mixed bag.


Useful elephants? For TG-s

Regenerating Elephants are worse than Khmer
Elephants with resistance and 20% faster attacking rate are probably on pair with Khmer
25% cheaper Elephants on food with faster training time are better than Malay if the civ has all the Blacksmith upgrades

Also, one of them is going to miss EBE. I am wondering which one.

they are not better because the Food discount it seems like it’s a UT so a late Castle age thing and in Imp it doesn’t matter that much. They are trying to copy the same bonus of Poles and give this civ a big late Castle Age power spike but the problem is that Elephants aren’t as versatile as Knights as a unit you wanna flood.

Also a big downside of Elephants is not so much the high Food cost, but rather that until you get numbers, 3-5 Elephants aren’t as good at 3-5 Knights, they are much more prone to conversions and unable to secure 3-5 early Villager kills like Knights do.

Late Castle when you finally mass Elephants, opponent will have counter unit in the form of mass Monks or Pikeman so again not a great deal, vs mass counter units, Knights can just run away until you mass Skirms but Elephants can’t as effectively.

I suspect the new civs will be garbage IF they are Elephant-focused unless it’s something like current Indians who have nice units on the side to compensate for their roster gaps (like a very strong cav archer and good Camels).

If we assume Bengalis get (Elite) Battle Elephants then they might be even better than Khmer Elephants, due to resisting the massive amounts of damage they normally take from Halberdiers plus the fact that once a Castle is built, they begin attacking faster. If my non-existent math is right, then Bengali BEs have a 1.6 attack rate, instead of 2.0.

The math is probably wrong. It will make them attack 25% faster, not 20%. The % values have been corrected before. So I think they will actually attack 20% faster, not 25%. Then the attack rate will be 1.67, not 1.6.

2/1.25 = 1.6

Or the longer calculation would be:

rate of fire = 2 so
speed of attack 1/2 = 0.5

0.5*1.25 = 0.625

and then we get rate of fire back which is the reciprocal 1/0.625

→ 1.6

Again, you’re assuming it is 25%. But leaked tech tree says 20%. I’m guessing devs are right.