Victory is yours sign, get in the way of many things, please put a cross on a corner to remove it

it doesnt let me for example to copy a deck
or select untis on the map


Yeah it’s fine there if it pops up for a second but the fact that it just hangs forever is a dumb decision.

Aiz made a ui mod that makes this much less invasive.


any tutorial on how to add iu modes?


I don’t know if any devs read this – but you can’t tell me that’s your effort at graphics, right? It looks like clipart – in the worst sense. Personally, I hate winning and looking at it. It looks cartoony. Either upgrade it, or move back to the classy white cursive “victory is yours.”

Please and thank you.

it doesnt work on deafult iu only on classic. Not good for me

You can change to the best ui. But you do you.

its exactly the same iu only that minimap and sources are on left