Victory on sacred sites boring and not interesting, need a rework

I think here no one needs to explain why this way of winning is not interesting and as dull as possible. All players understand it. Need to change this system to make it interesting and make players fight for these places. Maybe something in the like CoH 2? Or, for example, when you lose a sacred place, you don’t lose all the time, but it just slowly accumulates again? I’m sure the smart guys who are responsible for supporting the game can definitely come up with something and make this aspect of the game much more interesting.


I like how it is now. But I confess that I found your idea of making it similar to CoH 2 even better and more fun.


By all means explain it.

I think sacred sites are a great victory condition. It forces people out onto the map, they can’t just sit at home behind defenses.

I think they could also be good if losing them didn’t lose the accumulated time, but I don’t know that that really needs changed.


Yeah makes sense, currently it really sucks losing one and the entire timer being reset immediately.

At least if it gave like a minute and then the timer reset, or slowly degraded back to zero. Anything except the current version.

But that being said sacred victories primarily exist to counter turtling+ wonder . So although it would be great if they were more feasible, it isn’t necessarily required

I think very long games are boring, Wonder victory is terrible at the moment and needs substantial changes. For Sacred Sites victory, changing the timer to 8 minutes is enough. I like the idea of the previous post of degrading the timer instead of resseting it, but idk if it would break some principle.

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Some of the best AOE IV games I’ve seen have been nail-biter, sacred site victory games. They are an additional resource (and victory condition) to fight over and give added purpose to religious units. The game would be lesser without them.


It is suggested that developers can change the Holy Land mechanism in AOE4 into the victory point mechanism of COH2. Occupying the Holy Land can gradually gain reputation points. When the reputation points are accumulated to 500 points, the player will win. Losing a holy site does not reset reputation to zero, it just stops accumulating reputation points. This forces players to fight next to the Holy Land in order to win, and it also prevents the game from being dragged too late because of the stalemate.

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