Video - how is he doing this?

At 15 seconds you see him grab a villager and then do something like a ‘paste, paste, paste’ to have that villager build multiple buildings.

I can’t do this at all. I have to 1) select villager, 2) hit ‘Q’, then click on where I want the house, then start over again with 1).

This looks like a fantastic technique but how do you do it? Is it just a Japanese thing? Any comments welcome.

Hold shift before you left click to place a building, and you can keep placing them.


Oh my Gosh. This is amazing!!! I will never be ‘housed’ again!

Creating two barracks or two stables at a time is going to be a game changer.

WOW. I played 3 back in the OG day and NEVER KNEW THIS!!! I’m so glad I watched that video and thanks for the ‘shift’ tip.


You’ve been playing the game on expert++ all this while lol

ps, The shift button can also be used to aid your explorer to, well explore, and your military/villager to task them onto the next function of your choice.

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