[VIDEO OF ISSUE] Garrisoned Units Ungarrison On Left Click

  • When garrisoned units are on a control group, right clicking with those units will ungarrison them.

Video of issue

If you could just hold shift to deselect units in your control group this could be forgiven, but not having either option is SO inconvenient and this is the only RTS that works this way, so it’s possibly an unintended bug.

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I’m actually not sure that’s what’s happening here, but maybe I’m not seeing it. It looks like the archers are selected right before a right click (which is consistent with them being ungarrisoned).

I quickly tried to repro this with just a couple of Villagers—both a part of a control group, with one garrisoned and one not. When I right click, the garrisoned villager stays put. Am I missing something @yySoCal?

Control group control is a whole other discussion :laughing:!