Video tutorial on how to tool in 8 minutes

Here is a tutorial I uploaded to youtube in order to teach you how to get fast to tool age. Learn how to click that elusive 6 minute, 20 pop tool.

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, Fast Tool



helpful and cool. And in chapter 2 you may include

1 how to deal elephants, such as

  • if there is an elephant, search around to see if there are 1 more first
  • induce them by hit them once each and keep running to base/pit to pull it to base, then kill them near the base / pit. Them may stop chasing ur vil so keep an eye and repeat hitting them if so

2 how to deal lions (fight) & crocodiles (run), if close to base/pit can also hunt for food

3 what if see water

4 what if see ruins that may block your building location (select it and shift-del to change its location)

5 if there is an artifact, use it to explore

6 what if see enemy vil scouting / forward barrack

7 if possible, use >=2 vils to explore (learn from RoyalLVHM)

8 how to optimize exploration


There is a tutorial for elephants by winstonswaffles on youtube already. It goes over how to pull elephants to the TC but I don’t remember if it has how to stop elephants there without killing them. Otherwise, an excellent tutorial.

Same goes for lions and elephants, although because the last patch removed house tricking, that part is out of date. Perfectly viable tutorial in other parts, so no need to create a new one for that.

You can find his tutorial playlist here:

Water map build orders deserve whole videos of their own. I’m not sure if I’ll ever find the time and motivation to make them but I have considered basic Scout ship rush and fishing ship bronze build order videos as I’ve even seen good players struggle in tournaments with these. Fishing ship iron doesn’t deserve a tutorial.

I’ll try and find the time to make a video on how to fast bronze with 24-27 villagers on land maps in the future because the ones on youtube are lacking and I think it’s the second most basic strategy you need to know to play this game competitively. But I can’t promise anything.

Ruins and artifacts are more in the tips and tricks category and I don’t plan on doing anything with them. Neither is necessary knowledge for learning how to play the game and I don’t have a lot of time for things like this. Sadly.

Similarly gathering video resources for how to counter a proxy rax/stable/range in tool/early brz is very time consuming and I’d have to record all my games, just for when this would happen. And when I do all the different counters to it. This makes creating a video about it a lot harder. Unlikely that I will ever make one. I can list the basic idea I had in mind if someone else wants to do it and it might help them to create it:

see villager/gaia moves in fog -> kill villager -> chase/hill/lion/building block mechanic;
see racks/shadow house checking -> wall it off/bone it down -> find villager -> kill villager;
see axer/scout -> wall small -> make slings/archers -> counterattack
adjusting to sumer/assy/yamato proxies

As for exploration and scouting I did mention some short ideas on how to optimise exploration on the video, about your berries and gazelle spawning on certain distance and how you want to spread out the villagers but that’s a good idea for a video all on it’s own. It would be relatively simple to make too. How villagers avoiding obstacles in the fog, seeing gazelles move from eles/lions or around objects, doing circles to find early food/wood close to you. How to find deep water on inland/shallows, exploring with 1vs2 villagers and how the map being played and your strategy affect this(so use 2 for oasis, proxy rush, fast bronze, large tool, vs use 1 for fast tool, continental, or even when to use 3 or more villagers to explore.) Then again, I’m not sure if it’s not more easily explained alongside a video on those general strategies themselves. It’s food for thought to be sure.

And to follow that up, a video on how to wall smart and why it is so important is also needed.


Excellent contribution. There are not many new tutorials for this game.


Also the fact that there is no recs to learn from games contributes to that. Only way to learn is from YT and ally in TGs.


Yes, I think replays are number one on everyone’s wishlist.