Vietnamese Cavalry Archers - No Benefit from Extra HP?

Question here. Vietnamese Archery Range bonus says all Archery Range units get 20% HP. The Cavalry Archer doesn’t seem to get that bonus even though it clearly says all range units. Bug or just bad wording?

Unless I just haven’t been paying proper attention to the stats.

They benefit from the hp bonus


They do, 92HP HCA I think


They should, maybe it’s a bug?
It is patch day after all…
However standard CA have 50HP in castle age, viets ones should have 60HP (without BL and HCA upgrades counted).

It’s entirely possible that I just messed up the stats. I was going by memory. I remember watching Vipers stream last month and chat was encouraging him to use the Vietnamese Cavalry archers because they had extra HP, but Viper was saying that they looked like they had exactly the same HP as any generic Cavalry Archer.

I’ll test it when I get home, but I’m glad to know that it was probably just me making a mistake.

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tested on scenario editor, 80 on Cav archers and 92 on HCA


Maybe he meant that the difference wasn’t too noticeable? Iirc at the end of the match he found thm quite handful for a non-Ca civ.


I made a test in dark age so no bloodlines: Standard CA = 50 HP, HCA = 60 HP, true for randomized goths and malay

Vietnamese: CA = 60 HP, HCA =72 HP, this is exactly 1.2 x 50/60 respectively :smiley: So i dont see your problem

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Oh i did not know that HCA was affected by their bonus.

Is it worth to make HCA for vietnamese?

You’re just fine mate, I am also hyper-focused on the Vietnamese heh heh…

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I think it has a lot to do with Vietnamese archers being considered “semi-tanky” but getting no special melee armor. An extra 5 or 10 HP literally makes no difference when the damage being delivered is 10 or 20 or even 50 per shot (which is usually how folks tend to deal with mass amounts of archers Vietnamese or otherwise – Onager, Knights, Bombard Towers, Bombard Cannons, Mamelukes, Elephants (because massive HP), Cho-Ku-Nu, etc).

They stoutness of the archers literally just doesn’t matter if each shot or blow being inflicted upon them is already a 1 shot overkill. Viper is kinda correct.

Now that they get husbandry, they only lack parthian tactics. Perhaps the extra HP compensates for the missing armor. They’re definitely viable though, but I don’t know if you’d want to use them as a main strategy with lack of hussars

I had seen some players using Vietnamese cavalry archers before, although rarely.

they are not used because xbow is often the better option for easier mass, while Rattan archer is fairly quick while anti-archer. And the HCA lacked Pathian tactics as well, so not easy to justify the 60G cost. However, it could be useful at times to surprise your enemy by their mobility and high hp (kind of resistant to siege).