Vietnamese so weak compare other civil

Although get improve in last update, with tech husbandry and change price paper money tech but standard for all, economy of Vietnamese too weak if compare with other civil, 20% hp of normal archer it for not thing while skirmishers or mangonel still easy counter it, or knight too, not much different with other archer. Rattan archer :rofl: expensive and be Counter by all thing no economy can not do anything while every unit Counter it. All tech can improve eco appear at imperial age it dont need. Tech imperial age need power not economy this game need survive in dark, feu + castle. So need review this civil and improve it for more balances game. Other civil still strong and look at Vietnamese dont want pick it when play 11, or team game, suck civil is real
Some advice:
(1): *let free fletching, bodkin, bracer like Magyar + improve power of rattan( [1] an example slow attack to = archer line and reduce cost for it)

    • 15% cost food for military unit
      [2] no reveal enemy and conscription, 20% archer.
      (2)/ *can bonus more army building -50% cost
    • 15% cost food for military unit.improve power for rattans. Cancel like [2]

People are discussing that here Idea to buff the vietnamesse


Dont know but paper money not of Vietnamese it appear from china at Song Dynasty, and paper money make Việt weaker then fall before Ming. :joy: if not bonus economy this civil need make more power. Look archer :v rattan loser if compare with all unique archer orther and very expensive. Normally archer too dont different to much. While economy suck. Get 4 rattan while can get 6 plum or chukonu, or longbow but power = 2/3

Exactly. Let’s keep one topic for each… Well, topic 11