Vietnamese Unique Elephant Tech?; Boosting Vietnamese Underperformity

Warning: Wild Pipedream Described Below
Unique Civ Idea

After battle elephants have been significantly nerfed (splash damage), Vietnamese civ in particular stands out as needing some serious help. A thought occurred to me today on the topic: 2 garrison slots on each battle elephant increasing to 3 with Chatras researched. Only ranged units and villagers and monks (and maybe pikemans – light infantry and ranged units) may garrison into the Battle Elephant’s baskets. Arrows are fired from the safety of the garrison baskets.

Targets garrisoned in the Battle Elephant baskets can be hit by both melee and ranged but also benefit from the protection (armor) of the Battle Elephant while Garrisoned.

Seems like an idea more suited for the elephant archer but would be cool. Doubt the ability to attack the garrisoned “rider.” How would that work? Visually change the model and require the opponent to click JUST right to get the unit they want to attack?

Also, seems like this might be a bit strong allowing units to fire put of the ele.

yep. also attack-move command.

What I’m saying is that if you put, say, 3 different units in an elephant, you would make it very difficult for someone to choose which to attack. I think there are other ways to do this. In both cases, the elephant remains just a single targetable unit, but with a banner denoting that it’s garrisoned (like a ram).

  1. The units on the elephant all receive splash damage (some % of the attack)

  2. There is a random chance an attack hits the “riders” instead of the elephant. This might be too good bc it buff the elephants survivability further.

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I’m officially excited about Battle Elephant Basket Riders
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