View building / unit tooltips and abilities (Xbox)

This question is only for the Xbox version (it’s a simple mouseover action on the PC):
When you select a unit or building you can hit RT to see more detailed stats and - if applicable - respective ability icon(s). However, I have not found out an in-game option to get information about the special ability itself.
In particular, passive abilities are not really explained at all on screen and you have to guess around what the little icon means.

Attached is an example for such tooltip that I know from the PC version:

Pausing the game and going into the tech tree where it may reveal more details is extremely disruptive and obviously won’t work for PVP.

I’ve searched around in this forum, Reddit, YouTube and other sources but of no avail. Hopefully, there is a way and I simply have not figured it out yet. Looking forward to some ideas! :slight_smile: