View Tech Tree button stops working after online match finishes

Game Version:

  • Build: 46777 (Bug present in previous builds)
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10


If you’re still in the game after the match finishes and you click the button to open up the tech tree in the top right it works the FIRST time, but after you close it clicking the button again does nothing

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Enter a Lobby Match.
  2. After the match is over press the button in the top right to open the tech tree(the first time it works, but after closing it the button does nothing)


After some further testing here is what i found:

In this video i had resigned but the match was not yet over. As you can see the button works SOMETIMES but often it did nothing.

In this second video the game was over (all players had left) and as you can see when this happens the button stops working completely

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I don’t recall experiencing this via single player matches. Maybe only affects multiplayer.

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In single player once the match is finished the game jumps to the statistics screen.

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That has always been the case.

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Yes, it is only a bug in multiplayer

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:question::question::question: I don’t understand.

After you finish an online match you still remain in game and the map is fully revealed. However the button that pulls up the tech tree in the top right corner stops working. That is not the case in single player because once you win/lose the single player match it jumps to the statistics screen

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I think that has always been the case as well. In single player, the game automatically drops into the stats, and in multiplayer, the entire map is revealed and you have to manually quit the game.

Yes, it has but that is not the bug, the bug is the tech tree button not working in multiplayer after the match has finished


Ok, sorry.
However, the post was then just too confusing for me.

Many greetings.

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