Viewble decks! save treaty

hello, i love this game in theorie… but especaly at no rush its not possible to play ranked
but since 99% of the no rush games are unranked a fair matchmaking via elo is not an option.
my big problem is that we still dont got VIEWBLE DECKS before the unranked game starts.
every game i post half map no noobs but even if you start a game its over in under 3 min because i dont waste 40 or 60 min for a total noob…

the main reason why i post this is because i tryed yesterday 8 h to get a game and i started over 30 but not 1 was going over 5 min because the matchmaking would be so havy uneven that it doesnt make sense to play that :confused:



what does viewable decks solve? any noob can copy aussie drongos deck.


at least then they have a workable and likely at least understand the basics of the game.

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in treaty 90% of the games are rehostes because noob dont know what no noobs mean and they dont got any playble no rush deck at all so yes its a real problem for no rush
you start a game see the deck after 3 min and than rehost because you got 3 good players and 1 player who never played before… and since it would be to much waste of time we rehost (40 min boom to fight not even 1 min it not worth the time…)
and after 30 rehosted 8 h waste and 0 fight your kind of pissed… thats why i would say at least 60% of the treaty comuntiy stoped playing this game :confused:
i realy like all the balancing changes etc but its not possible to get a game in no rush at the moment

btw in the old age 3 you could see (in privat matchmaking) the decks of the other before start and that tells you at last if they know what no rush even mean (90% got 0 long time eco carts and instead rush like units etc thats unplayble and also means they dont got the skill to make a fair game)
all this is not a problem in supermercy because you got an elo rating of ranked games but there are no ranked games at no rush anymore so nearly all no rush player are unranked

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Well you can play treaty 20 min or 40 min in ranked and that’s all your problems solved.

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You clearly dont play treaty, not being able to view decks is a major problem and ranked treaty is dead.


This is one of those things that seems simple to implement but has such an impact to play experience, it’s a no brainer for devs to add.

Only 2 things I can think is either it’s harder to implement than it seems or they really want ppl to play ranked in treaty (which is just a futile wish)

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You have no idea what is here about, don’t you?!

I said this over and over again since oct. 2020:
I am dissapointed.

Lebles your 100% right

“You clearly dont play treaty, not being able to view decks is a major problem and ranked treaty is dead.”

and originalknot if your able to get a ranked no rush 20 or 40 game without waiting 10 h in q tell me!!!

your 100% correct wool let us try to spam over the developers till they also react to that because the balancing is wonderfull…