Vikings: make Berzerks more accessible / easily produced

I believe Vikings should get a way to produce Zerks from other buildings except the Castle.

This will give them much needed flavor and compansate for their crap cavalry.

I made a proposal about a UT that lets them get trained at the barracks, this still stands with the added bonus that vikings should lose champion.

I also return with a new alternative proposal.

Give them a new building more expensive than rax but with limited defensive capabilities and the ability to produce Zerks.

Like the Krepost but not so castle-like and tanky.

BTW I am a huge fan of the new expansion, cant wait to play Sicilians with their sergeants.

Berserk is one of the most effective infantry units in the game that belongs to a S-tier civilization in most maps and you want them more easy to create, LOL


I mean they should maybe produce a little bit faster considering massing them even with 2 castles is almost impossible.

Their production time: 14 seconds (cheap infantry), compare this to heavy cavalry like Leitis (18s elite), Konniks (19 seconds but kreposts) and Boayrs (15 seconds). Other decent castle infantry like Woad Raiders (10 seconds) and Jaguar Warriors (11 seconds, 12s before aztec bonus) produce in more reasonable time.

Maybe Berserks should produce in 12 seconds as it is the only viable melee option for them in the imp (Pikes are worse against cavalry mixed armies than berserks, champions are just inferior, no good cav). But making them produce in barracks is little bit too much.

all these units don’t have the combat strength or survivability of the berserk though. berserks can literally fight cavaliers 1v1 and win.


A guy called “son of odin” is asking for more berserks.

When will everyone realize that buffs/changes should be proposed based on “do they make a better game” and not “omg this unit so nice pls more!!”.


B a s t a r d son of odin :grin:

Its from a song.

I do like vicking lore but rarely play them as they are just an archer civ with good eco now

unfortunately vikings eco + arbs means its still their better choice to go for… if they were able to more easily produce zerks,which are literally one of the(if not the absolute) best infantry. imo they would need to lose arbs or something else major… which at this rate is too much for the balance team to consider… i mean look how long its taken to buff the trash tier civs nevermind some huge meta swing like adding a whole new building type to vikings…

Well they did add a new unique building that produces an infantry UU but I’m afraid it’s not going to be for Vikings 11
Also the problem with berserks is not champions or even archers, it’s just that people kinda overestimate their ability to kill cavalry, despite the fact they can’t be pop efficient against paladins. That’s why they made chieftains more expensive, which makes berserks even more expensive to upgrade than pretty much every other infantry unit.
So yes butchering the Viking tech tree just for the sake of seeing more of a UU that is already seen is a bad idea, but the chieftain nerf, while it doesn’t affect the civ too much, wasn’t the most brilliant idea either.

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