Vikings need thumbring back

Even outside of a balance perspective, they feel so one dimensional and boring now. I don’t know why you would drastically change how a civ is played when they’ve been in the game for so long. Berserkers are way too expensive and almost all other infantry civs are complimented by some other type of unit that they are good at, like the celts with siege. Really hope they eventually change it back because its just such a bad nerf that made them no fun to play. I think the devs are trying to force infantry into relevance a little too much.



Vikings DON’T NEED Thumb Ring back, their stupid fast imperial arbalest + siege ram was stupid and broken. Now people is doing more infantry with Vikings than before thanks to the buffs to these units, reverting Chieftains cost is the only thing I agree.

If anything Vikings need more nerfs, especially on water where they are still oppresive, Free Wheelbarrow and Hand cart no more a thing but now both techs are researched instantly (still a villager lead + instant eco boost, but now you have to research and pay it). Also, nerfs to Longboat and team bonus are needed.


The eco bonus doesn’t even matter when their best unit is the second most expensive unit in the game with all upgrades. They’ve had thumbring since the beginning of the game and no one enjoys playing them now. It’s not fun playing a civ with 0 options.

And what I said:

Man meanwhile people still pick this civ, Vikings still have something like 52% WR on open maps, OP on water, and even still a pick for tournaments, check that before complaining about your fav civ.

BTW a civ with insane eco like Vikings can’t have an unit that’s too easy to mass and upgrade fully upgraded.


I think most people would rather have them nerfed in some other way than losing thumbring. Of course theyre still viable but I’ve heard from so many people that used to enjoy playing them (me included) that they just feel so boring to play now. They cant go archers anymore and already have a terrible calvary tech tree. They have had it since AOC, why change it now?


Then just use their insane eco advantages to either end games in castle age or early Imperial, even without Thumb Ring arbalests are still worth, look at Aztecs and Khmer, both lack Thumb Ring (rightfully, and the first one even lacks Ring Archer Armor), still both go for arbalest in early imperial because their powerspike is soo big.


Fair, I would be happy if chieftans was lowered but I still think the majority of people would prefer them in their state before the patch where their infantry was buffed and archers nerfed.

I just one a game today by going fc castle beserk ram push with eskirms behind it and dont see the problem

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I think Viking thumb ring is the best nerf in the game and Vikings is now in a right spot, no matter team game or solo game


Lacking TR doesn’t mean you can’t ever use archers anymore. They’re still almost fully upgraded, sure, it’s not ideal, but it isn’t like you can’t use them effectively.


Fully agree with op, this nerf is a total non-sence to me, it nerf the option of arbalest in late game for one of the weakest civ (if not the weakest) in the late game.

Fast imp arba is untouched as you almost never research thumb ring while doing it, The civ only option is to win at arbalest timing or die because the civ is totally garbage latter, nerfing hand cart bonus maybe wheelbarrow like making these tech still free but need to be researched is a way better option to nerf the fast imp arba.


I mean I respect you are 1.8K and all but:

Here’s Hera, vs a civ with one of the strongest Imperial ages, he needed to use arbalest, and used Berserks to dominate.


One good played game doesn’t mean that Vikings is better than Lithuanians in late game. Viper used too much Skirmisher in this game. However, Winged Hussar + HC is stronger combo than Berserk + Skirmisher. Lithuanians can also go raiding with Winged Hussar, Vikings has no raiding unit in late game.

Lithuanians isn’t worst match-up against Vikings as well. Vikings have no option against strong siege civilization just like Dravidians. If Celts manage Siege Onager + Scorpion, Vikings auto-lose the game.

Devs must give back thumb ring and strengthen Berserker’s raiding ability, in return, they must nerf most OP bonus in the game.


Why? Vikings are fine and a very solid civ with clear strengths and weaknesses. Strong into early imp and weak after


Actually, the devs don’t have to do anything.


And? What does it prove ? Ask good players if vikings is strong or not in imp (With or without trade) pretty sure they will at least put viks in top5.

Berserk upgrades (all 3) need massive cost reduction now.


Because of how insanely strong they were. Honestly that was a good thing. 1 or 2-tc imp into fu-arbs + rams is unstoppable for most other civs. They’re a very good water civ as well. So it was just too much packed into one civ.
This type of change is very much needed and should continue (mainly for Franks, Mayans, Britons atm)

Its cheap at that stage of the game and gives a lot of value against the counter units of arbs. Compliments their composition really well. Obviously you can’t open straight Berserks but add them to your army in mid-imp.

yet no one makes them most of the time. Most commonly made infantry are the high p.armor ones - Huskarls, Eagles, Ghulams, Obuchs and Serjeants from their UT. Others are very situational and are not a good option because of their vulnerability to archers.

That’s good indeed.

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I prefer to strengthen berserker in terms of more HP/movement speed/+1 pa considering fu berserkers is expensive.

I’ll do this. And also this

And then remove Arbalester to make them a proper “Infantry” civ in Imperial age. Add Plate Barding if necessary.

Or I’ll just leave them as it is.