Villager AI Food Gathering Bug

Game Version: 5.0.11009.0

Bug Description:
Villager collects meat from sheep corpse then walks to previously collected from deer corpse instead of returning to TC to deliver gathered goods.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have villager(s) collect meat from deer.
  2. Wait for villager to deliver meat to TC.
  3. Immediately tell villager to collect from sheep before returning to deer corpse.

Villager will not deliver meat harvested from sheep to TC. Instead, they will collect a full load then walk to the deer corpse with the meat and everything they collected from the sheep will disappear and be replaced with deer meat.

Footage of bug:

Hey @R3volut1on1ze! I’m not seeing this behavior, but I’m probably missing something. I’ve made notes in your steps below:

  1. Have Villager(s) collect meat from Deer ← Done! The Deer is dead.
  2. Wait for Villager to deliver meat to TC. <–Done! The Villager is now holding nothing.
  3. Immediately tell Villager to collect Sheep before returning to Deer corpse <–Would this step be a Shift+Click on the Sheep and then back onto Deer corpse right after the Villager drops the meat into the TC?


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Good day @SavageEmpire566 thank you for your response.

I have included a short clip for your analysis.


This AI gathering bug only occurs when the (Sheep/Deer)'s resources are depleted. This bug likely occurs for all finite resources that can be gathered by villagers.

There are clearly two coding issues here.

  1. Villager AI should ALWAYS check if it has a full inventory that should be dropped off at it’s delivery destination before/while issuing any AI go to gathering destination operation.
  2. Poor garbage collection, as a new gathering target was set by the user of a different resource type; the deer rally point should no longer exist in the AI’s context.

Please keep up the great work. I have been waiting a very long time for AoE IV, and it has a tremendous amount of potential!

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Thanks @R3volut1on1ze! I appreciate the extra context. We’ll look into it.