Villager commands have priority over military commands

I’ve had issues in numerous games (especially when defending around my town center, but also if I’m doing a forward) where I’ll drag select my units and tell them to patrol, but because I’ve also delected villagers the UI defaults to villager commands and so my army just walks into the enemy units #feelsdaut

This is a super frustrating way to lose matches simply because of the selection priority. I can’'t think of any time where I’ve selected both military and villagers and wanted to use my villager commands. Surely this is a niche situation?

You may say I should garrison my vills before fighting, and thats true, but sometimes the enemy units aren’t numerous enough to warrant garrisoning, or i may have just cleaned the enemy army, ungarisoned, and then selecting my army without this issue is a nightmare with the villagers running everywhere.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Start a game
  2. build military and vills
  3. select both
  4. attempt to use patrol, formations etc
  5. it no work :frowning:

Anyone else share this frustration?

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You can just use ALT or CTRL while selecting units, then it will either select only military or only vills (ALT)


Ahh sick. That’s wonderful to know. Thank you good sir

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