Villager Count

Just curious what you guys have for a villager count. How many farms do you have? How many on wood and gold? Just curious.

My villager count depends on at which time, which civ & which gameplay & which sort of foe.

In general; in colonial Age most are on food and secondly on gold.

In Industrial Age, most are on Farms, remnant mines and wood.

In General Imperial Age, 40% farm, 40% plantation, 10-15 % flexible and 5% builds stuff. I keep settler population somewhere below 100 pop mostly.

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0, because i play Europeans.

Sorry bad joke if its even considered one. I usually build as fast as i can to the 99 (50) limit.

I like building a ton of stuff, so my compesision is usually 30 food (mills, late game begin hunts), 30 plantations (Mine etc), and 39 wood, then i slowly move the wood settlers to go also farming mills or plantation untill like 10-15 left on wood.

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The best thing you can do is always max out your villigers…
35 food
45 gold
and rest wood, is where i´m mostly aiming.
As euros you have a easy time on resources thanks to fabrics
China has a general good eco, and good food gathering with the Villiges and Goats.

You should make your mix of F/W/G depending on your army composition. If you are playing China, and going for an old Han composition, you won’t need many on gold except to get upgrades. However, if you are playing a f/G combo, you’ll want relatively little on wood. If you have access to factories, shrines or porcelain tower, those should always be set to wood.

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this is heaviliy dependent on :

  1. the civ you play
  2. the civ(s) you play against
  3. what your army composition looks like
  4. what units your enemy/enemies make (switching to counters -> maybe switching villagers)
  5. on which age you are (you might want to age up faster -> more on food/gold)
  6. which strategy you go for (boom, rush,semi-ff, …)
  7. game-mode
  8. how much map pressure you have (e.g if you turtle and are out of trees you obvisouly can´t chop them)
  9. amount of natural resources left to use / maps in general(especially for water maps or maps where you get a native eco-upgrade)
  10. eco-upgrades/ card-bonuses/ resource-cards

aztec - spamming eagle runner knights most of the time - lategame distribution :

  • 15 vills on firepit

  • 30-50 vills on farms

  • 30-50 vills on plantations (switching them based on resource count)
    ** better to have more on farms -> faster gathering, however ERK cost 75f+75g -> use infinite gold card to help with gold-eco

  • 10 wood until all necessary upgrades/buildings + 2-5 k wood left

As you can see this is all very scenario and game-stage dependent, but if you reach max-vill count/lategame then go for the distribution which will be best to sustain your best-unit-composition.

As long as you constantly produce villagers until you have max of them and you´re adapting to the situation you should be fine.

Time to ask a dumb question

AOE3 has a villager count limit?

In AoE3, the civilisation norm, is a settler Max limit of 100 population.
British, Ottoman etc follow this.

Every civ has a way to gain more economic output than having settlers worth 100 population;
Factories, banks, Dojos etc.

Therefor, almost every civ breaks the norm of 100 settler population max, in some unique way each.
*The Civ-eco-advantage is for a player to explore on their own with each civilisation :slight_smile:


Thank you! Giving it another go tonight

Good Luck :four_leaf_clover:

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They should include a villager counter for each resource as in age of empires 2 DE, it could be great :slight_smile:

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Thats always been an option. You just need to activade it in the options…


yes but I mean directly incorporated with the resources. It may make it more accessible, but it would make things easier.

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You mean settler count that AoE II copied from AoE III? Like said above you need to enable it. Pretty normal for it to be enabled/disabled and starting as the latter seeing it is an advanced information thing.

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Technically the maximum is 99, and as Aurora stated most civs follow this.


  • Dutch: 50 settler limit, but have banks.
  • Japanese: 75 villagers, but can have shrines.
  • French: 80, but their coreur des bois is better.
  • Germans: above the 99 settlers also 20 settler wagons buildable by mill via a card. (basically 2 settlers in one).
  • Russians technically do not have a settler limit, because there is a bug allowing you to make more, although i wouldnt recomend an army of settlers. (Unless ofcourse the best viable strategy of revolution).
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I need to find that. Might help me with my eco

I dont remember exactly where it is, but i believe there is an UI section in options and just start pressing buttons and see what it does if there isn’t a clear one.

Among these options is also advanced formations (cav box) and top right score od the players and in what age they are and how much trade posts. Pretty usefull

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