Villager Deaths - Garrisoned Villagers Overlapping/Stacking after Destroyed Building and more

Scenario 1

Something I’ve encountered in a ranked match, and I question this game behavior.

When you have garrisoned villagers in a town center, or outpost, and it becomes destroyed by opponent. The villagers become stacked outside the destroyed building. Your villagers are overlapping with one another to where it almost appears as one villager (but they are stacked). I’ve lost 10-15 villagers immediately from only 2-3 Landsknecht’s outside my town center. All of them died from 2-3 sword swings in a blink of an eye. I couldn’t believe it.

I wonder if this is an intended game mechanic to speed up the game? Or is it a shortcut in coding to simply make all villagers respawn in one location after a building is destroyed? I don’t like this, as in previous AoE titles, the villagers automatically ungarrison the destroyed building from all sides of the building.

The HRE player went all-in early, they weren’t focused on their eco. I felt like I had a fighting chance if I could rid their army. I felt this was a cheap win and it was undeserving after losing those villagers.

I think this was the game, but I can’t spectate it now and provide a clip after the update, otherwise I would show you the clip of the Landsknecht’s eliminating all my vills in a few swings.

TLDR with Question 1: Is it intended behavior for garrisoned villagers to spawn stacked outside a destroyed building?

Scenario 2

You can see the clip here

I was shocked to see the number of villagers killed after a single Abbasid Dynasty outpost cannon fired on a mine of workers. The mine did not go down. Do hit buildings increase the nearby damage radius from cannon fire? You’ll notice in the clip, 4 villagers go down after first cannon fire. Second fire, I can’t count them all, but it looks around 10+ going down.
Roughly around 32:40 in this match I was spectating.

Do we understand on what really kills villagers quickly?

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I have lost my 20 delhi scholars garrisoned in madrasa like this more times that I would want to admit.

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