Villager decides to turn around and attack the boar while luring

OK this is getting me really mad nowadays. When you lure a boar, especially in maps like nomad you might have to walk more tiles than you desire and sometimes, the villager turns around and starts to shoot the boar when boar does a hit. This did not happen before, at least not as much as this.

Did something change recently or am I just luring farther boars nowadays?

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that happens when you click on a different resource (even food) or a drop-off building


Clicking the vil to garrison in the TC should cause it to walk the whole way consistently I find

Problem of course is that you dont act fast enough the vil going inside causes the boar to run back to position but it’s still preferred to losing a vil

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I recall some aoe youtuber having an explanation for this. It was related to how the villagers changed tasks and “professions”, from what I remember.

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