Villager dont follow my order to build wall completely

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  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: elsinaloense on ESO, on steam is babbul

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Here is the problem I’m experiencing…
when i build walls sometimes happens what u see in photo, the villager dont follow my orders, he dont build some part of the buildings, ramdomly, any part.

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  1. build and build walls on different matches maps etc

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This happens when you initially task multiple villagers at once to build the wall. For example, when you have 2 villagers selected while placing wall, one of the them will be tasked with constructing pillars and the other will be tasked with constructing the longer segments.

for what? lol , i hope they fix that. But thanks for the solution i wont use 2 villagers

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Yeah, I think I would agree it’s not desirable.

Settlers will skip wall segments when another unit/animal is standing in the middle of that segments.

Sometimes the settler will stop building the wall completely when another unit is in the wall’s way, and just stand idle while several segments of walls stay unbuilt.

The solution is for the AI to move the unit out of the way.

The same issue exist when placing a fort at a certain location.
If one or more units will stand in the middle of the designated location than the fort wagon will stop short of the fort location and the fort won’t be built.