Villager Pathing problem

Sometimes The Villager Goes away from The town center or take longer route which it shouldn’t take while going into town center and causes lots of villager loses in early rush of Death Match which is very important in death match kindly find a way to resolve the issue.
As a proof i can upload a video which i am unable to do here


You can upload video to youtube and then post link to it here

why there is no response from Moderators?

@Yorok0 kindly check the video and reply

Well, it seems, that villager didn’t choose shortest path. Hopefully developers will look into this.

Villagers are more bugged than melee units; they get stuck when gathering resources and you don’t even notice as they aren’t technically idle, randomly attack boars while you click on a different resource, don’t follow shift queue commands, can’t build buildings sometimes as they will go inside the foundation, get outside to build but proceed to go inside the foundation again, don’t auto upgrade after wheelbarrow has been searched, go outside the farm are for whatever reason while gathering causing them to stuck in buildings and move with bad pathing like in your video.

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