Villager right-click tasking is too difficult under trees

After a rather salty loss that I blame on a sole villager, I think it’s about time I voice my opinion that right now, the villager right click tasking needs fine tuning.

Specifically, it’s very difficult to get a villager to build by right clicking on foundation that is obscured by resources. I just failed to get a quick wall up because one of my villagers was too busy chopping a tree to build the foundation.

I 100% think that this should be improved, and more priority should be given to foundation than resources, because I think even if it is over-corrected, the over-correction would be worse than the current state. I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s had to repeatedly click a villager in order to get them in just the right area to start building a wall, or even accidentally failed a wall because the villager started chopping trees instead.

More priority should be given to foundation, especially small foundation like walls and towers, than trees.


There’s the small trees or this weird looking ressource box mod, don’t know how it’s called.
Basically everybody is using them.

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Yeah, didn’t they add a small trees option by default now?

I still 100% think that they should fix villager right clicking to give it a greater bias towards foundation, but good idea.

Small trees are imho horrible to see, I like trees as they are now, and are a lazy patch to that, as any other graphic “enhancement” mod (bigger boars, ugly resources to make more spottable). Why bother with the DE version if we have to play with the 1999 graphics?
We need proper task priority when clicking near foundations.


Just play with small trees then, it improves your performance too.

It is horrible.

Mods Single – Age of Empires this mod improves it at least for microing tree idk about tree/fundation never had this problem

Just install small tree, there’s a reason whye everyone that plays competitively uses it

Yes, it has to be fixed, i shouldn’t download a mod to.get a good game experience


Mad agree. If mods are required to fix something, then that something should be fixed.

Yes, using a mod fixes it, but I don’t want to have to use a mod, I just want them to fix it.

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How? The fix is making the tree small, hence why they released that mod on the workshop themselves.
What’s your solution?

When you place the mouse over a foundation behind trees the click just prioritize the foundation instead of the tree… Dude, he said it in the first post… What do you want from him? The code lines?

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Yeah, and how does that change the fact that you still can’t micro his vills on the right tree because with big tree that’s impossible?

Amigo, Martinurello literally just explained how Microsoft could fix my problem. His idea literally solves your comment.

Big trees should be fixed, regardless of whether or not a small trees mod exists. I literally said that myself.

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No, it doesn’t you wouldn’t still be able to micro your vills on different trees with his solution, you’d just be able to click on walls foundations/lumbercamp. You solve half of the problem, if there’s no way to click on whatever trees you prefer small trees is still needed.

It solves half of the problem hey? Funny enough, it’s the half I cared about. The only person in the entire world who seems to care about microinng villagers onto specific trees is you. That’s such a colossally minor issue compared to foundations that I didn’t even bring it up in the thread. You did, seemingly to justify bringing up the same mod another commentor posted before you managed to without the condescending attitude.

I couldn’t care less about microing villagers onto specific trees. What I want is big trees to be fixed so I’m not building walls. So bringing up small trees is irrelevant.

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Don´t feed the troll…

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I agree. I remember I lost a game back in HD due to being unable to build a piece of wall behind a tree. I think I installed a small tree mod right after that game. But of course, a small tree mod should not be necessary.

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There is also the cube mod to consider as a potential fix.

Absolutely agree. If something needs a mod to fix it, it still needs to be fixed properly.

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