Villagers are tooooo aggressive

I guess this is not a bug but a fault in design.

Why villagers are sharing AI with military units? If you let a villagers to repair a wall, you will find him fighting with enemy OUTSIDE gates two minutes later.

Basically villagers should not engage in fight unless being attacked.


They start fighting for you?
It’s usually the opposite problem. They let themselves eaten by wolfs without reacting to it.


I think it makes sense for the villagers to fight back in some situations, and happy with the duration they took in this game.

You can still kill them fairly easy in late game so don’t really see where the problem is tbh.

Wolves are probably handled differently as they are a cliche in aoe.

Yes, that’s another thing. When I let the village build something outside my town, the village won’t defend himself from wolf!

It is not about how to kill them. I want them stay behind the wall and repair the gate. But they go out to fight!

I’m pretty sure that if you command them to repair the wall or building they will stay there and keep repairing even if they are getting attacked by something (as far as I’ve seen) unless they stay idle and then start to attack which is working as intended.

I guess you are selecting them by mistake since the “intelligent” selection boxes select them too.

No. After finishing repair, they will attack aggressively. You can try this in the game.

I assume that they stand idle when they finished repairing? I mean for example the English have better villagers with bows to be better than the rest of the civilizations villagers so I’m sure that this is working as intended.

It’s not like they run and start shooting while building something or repairing something then that would be strange indeed. (at least haven’t seen that happen yet)