Villagers don't follow shift-queue drop-off commands

In this clip, I selected three villagers, right clicked on the mining camp to drop off resources, then held shift and right clicked on my tc so that they’d move there afterwards. But instead of doing this, after dropping off their resources the villagers went idle.

After testing, this happens when I shift-click to move them to a second drop-off building (in this case the tc), and instead of converting that second drop-off command into a move command (which is what happens when villagers aren’t carrying resources), the game breaks and the villagers go idle.

Because your two commands are drop-off resource commands.
After the first command, because the villagers have already dropped-off resources.
the second command to tc drop-off resources is cancelled.
Shift right click on the mining farm, F (garrison command) left click on tc. should be the command you want.

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Yes, it appears this is what is happening. But instead the second drop-off command should be converted to a move command, because that’s what would happen if the villagers weren’t carrying resources and I clicked on the tc (or the mining camp for that matter).

A comparison could be made to shift-clicking a monk to pick up a relic and then drop it off at a monastery. The game’s capable of stringing together commands that depend on the unit’s current state, not its state when the command was first issued, it just doesn’t do that in this particular case.

No, I do not want to garrison in the tc, I want to move my villagers to the tc.