Villagers don't use Unit Formations

Game Version: 5.0.14681.0

Context: AOE 4 doesn’t have Combat Engineers. The role is divided between two elements. Infantry with Siege Upgrade and Villagers. Infantry can build various siege engines. Villagers can build various adhoc defenses like palisades and outposts. Villagers also however, repair both defenses and siege equipment. This means that villagers for any micro nerd, is a critical composition in their army.

Issue: Currently, Villagers do not obey unit formation commands. I would imagine the logic is “they’re civilians, not trained military”. Unfortunately, from a realism and a gameplay aspect that doesn’t make sense. You don’t need to gradate bootcamp to understand how to stand in a line, or to take guidance from military personnel which translates to “stand behind us”. Which ultimately is probably where most players are going to want their frontline workers baked into, last priority slot in the formation configuration. It’s a small issue, that matters in battles. Will make battles look cooler and feel better to play.

Reproduction: Log into Skirmish; Produce a ball of spearman (15+, higher the unit count the this mechanic fails the sniff test), box the ball of spearman and workers together, select wedge formation, and click somewhere. The workers will go to where the mouse was clicked, ignoring any formation rules, generally putting themselves at the front of the action.

Appreciate the feedback @Valentine1183. This particular behavior is working as designed and is unlikely to change. That said, I will make sure to capture your feedback so we can keep an eye on if this is something that is really important to the community. Thanks!

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