Villagers get stuck in loop between trees when auto assigned

Around mid-game, when i have about 35-40 villagers being auto assigned, i will notice that my wood resources begin to dwindle even though there are 15+ villagers assigned sometimes. When i go to check, a bunch of them are walking back and forth between trees in the area and it seems like the game is constantly clicking them to one tree and then another in a different area. This causes multiple villagers to just walk back and forth and never continue cutting or delivering the resource. If i grab them all and force the delivery, it may fix the issue momentarily, but it returns soon after. Is this an error on my end? Too many villagers? Should i turn the auto assign off after the early stages of the game to fix this?

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Happened again, but this time it was one villager, fairly early in the game. They were collecting food, then going to drop it off, but before they could, the AI would command them back to collecting food… But before they could collect any more (or maybe because their hands were full) they would start back to the drop off, only to be commanded again to collect food before reaching said drop off. The distances were minimal between the food and drop off, so i don’t think that factored into it.

Turning off the auto assign works. Though it isn’t optimal, at some point you can turn it on to assign workers, then kick it off right after they are assigned, turning it on and off as needed throughout the game. Still would like a fix though…

I also experience this.