Villagers in agressive mode

Hi guys :slight_smile:

Why the developers can’t put a button to make the villagers more agressive? Sometimes you need the villagers attack instead of run. Specially with the Spanish. Supremacy make them good fighters, with good relation cost/attack, plus doesn’t cost gold. But the microcontrol is hard, making this upgrade nearly useless in the majority of cases.

Can add a agressive button for the villagers=


I’ve always wanted the option to put villagers on aggressive or defensive and the option to put monks on stand ground.

For villagers - I would like to see working villagers default to their current behavior but if you click to attack the stance options come up so you can swap to aggressive. Then if you click the villager back to work they revert back to their current behavior.

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I can see it working for Supremacy; it would be a great change for a UT I otherwise hate, but for regular civilizations, I wouldn’t approve. Fighting should be the last thing Villagers do unless you research Sappers.