Villagers in siege towers?

I was playing a game on Arena, when my enemy neighbor caught me totally by surprise and dropped villagers into my base via a siege tower. Now I was pretty frustrated and didn’t react to it well, but after trying to replicate the strategy I couldn’t seem to make it work. Meaning the villagers wouldn’t go into the siege tower. Am I doing this wrong or was I on the receiving end of a hack/cheat?

Player was Bulgarians if that’s of any use. It also appears that he garrisoned them along with some infantry at the same time.

And yes, I watched the replay and it wasn’t villager hopping through the corner via a tower. It was completely done with a siege tower.

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Definitely possible, check this vid:

subject of vid is not specifically about villagers, but you can see villagers getting hopped by siege towers in it

Can you garrison villagers in the current patch though? I will have to try again this evening… might have been doing it wrong

Only one way to find out… Scenario Editor :slight_smile:

Use the garrision hotkey/button before clicking the siege tower
They won’t increase the siege towers’ speed tho

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By chance could you send the game data for review.

Yeah, where do I send it to?