Villagers moving to different farms

In AOE 2 DE if a farm has not been seeded and a nearby farmer has used up all the food from their farm, instead of reseeding the farm they are working on, they wander to nearby unseeded farms to help seed them. This leads to a bunch of villagers roaming around idle, causing new town center spawns to be inefficient and farms disappearing because they are unattended. Im not sure if this is intended but it would be much simpler to manage farmers if they stayed on the farms they were allocated to.


Yes I have experienced this problem as well.
It would be much better if the farmers stay on one farm. They often move to another farm abandoning there old one, making one farmer idle.

Ahhhh so that’s why i keep randomly finding idle villagers that were previously farming… always wondered about that!

I’m not sure, but this might be related to them introducing the ability to select a bunch of villagers, send them to a bunch of unseeded farms by selecting one of them, then they all organise themselves. I imagine it may be a challenge to accurately separate the scenarios?

Yes I thought this might be the case but that is either because they were shift clicked to do so or the farms are in proximity. I believe it is mostly due to the inherent nature villagers have to help “build” unfinished structures. In this case those structures are unseeded farms and this behaviour is activated due to their farm expiring. However they should prioritise the nearest structure anyway which in this case is the farm they were working on so I dont understand their current behaviour. It should be an easy fix to implement and would reduce the frustration we are having with our villagers being unresponsive towards our commands. We already have alot to deal with when in combat, we should not need to babysit to this extent.

yeah definitely something i would like to see fixed, im pretty sure its new to DE, dont recall seeing this in HD or before. villagers wondering over to reseed someone else’s farm…

now if they could resolve the villager idling during wood cutting/mining…