Villagers not building

Villagers not building, they willl simply walk to the middle of the blue print, and go idle.
This is not limited to any building or shift they do it with any and all building commands, and its killing my game to be honest.

Example, If I shift comand from wood, then to build and house, back onto wood afterward, the villager will simple, walk to the middle of the unbuilt blueprint, then go back to wood (or simply just stand there idle)

It happens 90% of the time, and its game breaking for me, which is a shame because i really enjoy aoe4.

Please please address this,


As I helped you on the discord, I have replicated the issue, it is not a bug, but rather happened right as you plot down the building with a left click to confirm for building placement, you followed up with a right click in middle of the blue print very quickly before the game state updated this as a blue print, resulting a yellow line issuing a move command to the center of the blue print instead of build, then it executes the shift gather command which is a blue line as normal.

So this is not a bug bug, but could be improved by the dev for QoL reason, since the timing issue is letting player issue move command into middle of blue print right after confirm building it. It’s a minor issue but could be frustrating to some newer players.