Villagers not idle if garrisoned and have remaining commands

Game Version:

  • Build (34223 – Dec 20, 2019 hotfix)
  • Platform (Steam)


When villagers are garrisoned, they show up as idle. If you garrison a villager and quickly assign append a command for them afterwards, they don’t show up as idle for the time they are garrisoned.

Pretty niche, but it actually came up in a gentlemen’s game of forest nothing recently. Tower battle, I had told some vils to repair a tower after sitting in it to heal and shoot arrows.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Tell a villager to garrison.
  2. Before they garrison, add something to their command queue (like shift+right click to move somewhere)
  3. Once in the tower, the villager is not idle.

Here, I told the vil to build a house.