Villagers not taking empty farms

Game Version: All DE

  • Build: Latest
  • Platform: All
  • Operating System: All
  • Gamertag: Felipe_EL_Guapo


Villagers not taking empty farms. In the original game this was done automatically.

Reproduction Steps: Whenever you send a group of villagers to an empty farm surrounded by many others, only one villager take the farm and you have assign them one by one. Same when you build a TC or a mill around empty farms, they just not take them.


Works for me. At first all villagers seed first farm and after that one villager works on that farm while other villagers seed separate nearby farms.

No man. I’m not taking about farms to build. I’m talking about farms that are made already. Farms where your villagers died or farms of the enemy, for example. In the original game if you built a mill or TC nearby them, the villagers will start working getting crops, not seeding, that is when you are building them, that is fine.

Hmm, I started William Wallace last scenario, selected 4 farmers nearby farms, right-clicked them onto a single farm and they separated between farms like they should.

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Yes, when you send them all to one, then they distribute themselves. But if you just build a TC or Mill around empty farms that have been built already, they just stand.

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