Villagers Repairing buildings over walls / up to 2 tiles away

I have been playing the game for years, can’t recall that this was ever the case

Can I ask what the castle did to end like this?

its always been a thing though it has gotten harder to replicate

If repairers can’t reach their target, they can repair from a distance. This is the case since Age of Kings and was implemented to make it easier to repair ships. I thought this behaviour was removed for buildings, though. Apparently not?

As a quick note/clarification, this behavior of villagers repairing from range was indeed originally introduced to allow for easier repair of ships and other moving units like siege.

In the original game, it did allow for villagers to repair buildings from a distance, as shown in the screenshot. This is fixed on DE for standard games, villagers need to be adjacent to buildings to repair.

However the old behavior was preserved in scenarios, to preserve old scenarios that would use this trick.

@VisibleAnt2066 I hope that answers your questions :slightly_smiling_face: