Villagers sometimes have pre-selected a building age panel

To reproduce:

1 Click a villager.
2 Press Q/W/E/R to select an age.
3 Click something else.
4 Click any villager (doesn’t have to be the first).

Expected behavior: An age is not selected.
Actual behavior: The age you selected in step 2 is still selected.

This means that sometimes you’ll go to make a building and reflexively press the two hotkeys for that building. But instead of getting to that building, you’re stuck in whatever age you happened to be in with the previous villager. So you end up building according only to the last key you pressed.

For example, if a previously-selected villager had its menu in Age II and with your next villager you try to build a farm (QA) you’ll instead build an archery range (WA) because you were already in the W age (age II).

Steam Build ID 8009247

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Thank you @texkill! We’re looking into it.

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