Villagers untargetable bug

Ran into this bug multiple times today in which villagers couldn’t be targetfired after garrison/ungarrison anymore for the rest of the game.

A+leftclick still autofocusses them, but it seems like their hitbox is getting completely deleted for mouseclicks.

Definitely a new bug, never happened to me before the patch and now in nearly every game.


Thanks @Keempf! I’m not seeing this, could you provide a bit more information?

Which civs have you seen this with? Is this while garrisoning in a TC or another building? It sounds like this is only enemy Villagers, is that correct? Does this always happen after a certain point in the match (time, Age, etc)? Any other helpful information?

Much appreciated!

Wasn’t able to reproduce the bug since report except yesterday in which (for some ? Reason) my prelates couldn’t buff or manually target villagers that were at sheep in the beginning anymore for the rest of the game.

I can go through old vods but that’s alot of work, I start to clip it instantly when similar stuff is happening to me again.

Please, don’t. That’s our job :slight_smile:. I’ll keep my eye out for additional information on this one. Thank you for reporting it!

the same thing happened to me when I was rushing with Longbowmen as England. The villagers near the Mongol TC were not targetable or the hit box was nonexistent. After setting the camera right on top of them I was able to attack them by clicking. (On top means = Mid-bottom camera side).

I hope it was useful.


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I noticed when enemy vills are over sheep you cant (easily at least) target them with military. Seems like they want to target the sheep but cant to anything with them so they just walk to that place.

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