Viper specific Bohemians

LoL, an ARENA civ like Bohemian going explosive style in Empire Wars.

it was amazing game, houfnice is really strong, but so hard to get it. And hilarious moment, when he realised in the interview, he didnt get fervor :smiley: and also he could get wagenburg for even better houfnice.

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Where can I rewatch the match?

If you go to the Redbull Twitch channel and click on “videos” it should be the latest VOD


wagenburg would be hard, but the ferver part tho LoL


He forgot about Fervor

Viper didn’t even pick the relic inside his base area. But getting monk techs to boost eco is super unintuitive. Only other thing comparable is inca


Viper actually didn’t made much use of the bohemians bonusses. The houfnice micro in the end was sick, but until that he actually didn’t played the civ to it’s strengths.
It was a typical Viper greed game and doesn’t showcases the strength of the civ.


Yeah you’re right but Bohemians are so different to play
I think the pressure was at its peak and he forgot everything completely