Viper's Arabia 1v1 tier list (with new civs)


I wish he stuck to his old format with longer descriptions. I always love hearing his insight into civs. Nonetheless, grateful for the video, more or less similar to what I had thought about most civs. As for the Portuguese not being S tier… absolutely outraged :rofl:


He placed aztecs in s-tier but not vikings. I’m quite surprised by that. I would flip that. I would Place Portuguese, Sicilians and Burmese each one tier lower and Berbers in a-tier.
But I’m no pro, so maybe I miss important things…

Interesting that Viper didn’t placed a single civ in d-tier.

That fascinates me too. I’d have placed Burmese and Incas in D tier

Maybe because he’s quite generous 11
If it was Hera, Burmese, Goths and Spanish into D tier


Or maybe he knows if he did there would be a flood of people demanding buffs for these civs :smiley:

I guess most people already want a buff for his bottom 4.


But please don’t buff goths! Besides they might not be the best civ they are for sure the most annoying one to play against. Besides I must admit I never faced Hoang.

Well lets go:
Burmese: Manipuri cavalry now grants +1 PA to Knight line (Hauberk tech removed though)
Goths: Not sure how
Incas: Barracks and Archery Range techs are 33% cheaper.
Spanish: Berry Bushes contain 50% more food, Ballistics and Chemistry don’t cost gold.

Not the most perfect but help in the areas that are weak though

Need not to worry, Hoang uses Celts :slight_smile: I dont think he’d switch it out anytime soon/unless something really major would happen to Goths.

I think this is too little (and too late, because you still need a Castle, for tech for one of the most expensive units)

So you’d just pick Cumans for a better version of this.

I like this. This might actually make a Conq + meatshield viable by going scouts (and keeping them alive) early. Probably still hard to play, but this would help them a bit.

Still it respects the bad archers thing of Burmese, and is in Imp where they don’t have answer to arbalester.

What Cumans do with this?, this change means you can switch between Archers and Infantry way easier, And isn’t OP for me, Crossbow and Arbalester upgrades are cheap anyway to research as soon as you hit those ages.

Problem is that you’re so super dead by then

That this is really weak, if you want to do the triple archery range rush thing, the cuman version is much better. I think the Incas need something much bigger than a small building cost change. (Imho, best way to solve it is to give them back their old bonus, they’d be a decent mid tier civ without needing to think up some new gimmick)

I think you aren’t reading well, I mean Barracks and Archery Range techs

Ah. Well, I think that’s also very weak, so no matter.

Considering Mayans & Aztecs are S-tiers for years now, do you think Eagles could need a little nerf ?

They’re dominating in a lot of cases, having the really good combination of being good at raiding, handle archers and trading descently vs cavalry, easy to spam pairing with a good eco for Mayans and Aztecs.

It could for example be adjust step by step by raising just a bit their food cost (like +5 food) and reducing the elite eagles training time.
From a global balance perspective, It would also be intersesting to give Militia-line a little more speed… cause even as a counter unit they feel so underwhelming against them.

Of course Incas should have something to compensate a nerf.

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I think Aztecs arent that big anymore honestly. The civ that has to be nerfed specifically is Mayans


Yes they could do that.

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Thanks for the posting. It was nice to watch

Are Tatars a good civ to main?

Tatars are hard to play properly, but powerful when you do that.