Visual Bugs, Game speed bugs, Graphical bugs and other bugs

Game Version:

  • Build 101.101.33164.0 4413571
  • Platform Steam


Ok the following two bugs were reported during the beta, acknowledged by devs and still haven’t been fixed. Firstly, the Hun Tarkans torches still aren’t lit and are just blank sticks (screenshot 1). Secondly, setting game speed to fast from settings in the main menu doesn’t reflect on the games you start in campaign and other. Every game is reset to a default speed of 1.7. Opening the settings from inside a running scenario clearly says fast. A work around is setting it to normal then back to fast and it suddenly is at 2.0 speed as it should. (screenshot 2 and 3)

Now for some new bugs I found, whenever a building containing a well or such in its appearance (like a trade post or some houses) is destroyed, the well visuals persist and I am not sure if that is by design (screenshot 4 and 5).
Another visual bug is cliff angles that your troops can climb (as shown in screenshot 6)

More visual bugs can be found in Barbarossa campaign’s last mission “The emperor sleeping”, after the countdown is done u suddenly get shared battlefield vision with Richard the lionhearted and everything this ■■■■■■■ has scouted will show this bug even if you re scout them yourself, it is very annoying and it happens also in Vlad Dracula’s second mission as well. (Screenshots 7,8 and 9)

Another Bug in Vlad Dracula’s Second scenario is that any troops garrisoned in captured castles won’t be un-garrisoned unless you forfeit control to another player or delete the building itself.

Finally, I saved this for last cause its silly and selfish of me and because I’m a prude, this fish trap shouldn’t look like it’s under the wall. THERE I SAID IT! (screenshot 10)

Reproduction Steps:

  1. I literally explained each bug’s step above, no need to re iterate
  2. see screenshots

#Screenshot 1

#Screenshot 2

#Screenshot 3

#Screenshot 4

#Screenshot 5

#Screenshot 6

#Screenshot 7

#Screenshot 8

#Screenshot 9

#Screenshot 10

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The Tarkan still does not have burning torch, just a stick. What’s going on?!