Visual improvement of some buildings

  1. Native embassy:
    This model is okay if all maps are in the Americas, which is obviously not the case right now. Asians constructing this very native North American-looking building on African maps look very weird.
    It can either be map-dependent like trade posts, or civ-dependent like most other buildings.

  2. Manor:
    This is a unique building but looks exactly the same as a regular house, even the icon…

  3. Community plaza for Aztecs and Incas:
    These nations have strong and organized state religions. I’d suggest their community plaza (or equivalent) have a more temple-like model rather than the current “community plaza”.

Any other thoughts?


I strongly agree with points 1 and 3. This should definitely be added in the game.

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UX related:

Rice Paddy:
Coin mode can be visually indicated, e.g. replacing the rice with a tea farm, or replacing the central granary with an orchard tree. Admitedly the tea farm idea makes the name less fitting, and isn’t strictly necessary from a UX perspective, due to the setting being global rather than individual, unlike the individually set Fields.

As UX design, the building needs visual indicators of its three possible trickle bonuses. Perhaps it can have a banner hanging for each bonus, or three braziers (instead of the current two), one lit for each bonus.

Kancha House:
Some of its model variants have a lit fire, some don’t. Since the fires are an animated element with lighting & smoke effects that inherently attract extra player attention, they should be consistent between model variants as UX design: either they all have fires, or they don’t.

Accuracy related:

There’s no end to accuracy topics, but some are particularly salient:

Native Estates:
Obviously, cotton was cultivated in Mesoamerica, so the cotton farm model isn’t exceptionally bad for Aztecs. Nonetheless, a cocoa farm would be more appropriate for them. Haudenosaunee Estate can be a maple farm. The Inca can keep the cotton farm. For the Lakota, to farm any economic crops at all would pretty much be alt-history, so it matters less if it’s maple or cotton.

Some of the crops mentioned above may need a new villager work animation.

Moroccan Mosque & Jesuit Church:
Current models are respectively reskins of age1 Ottoman Mosque & Meeting House. They look poor enough that it’s arguably better to revert to launch status: simply reuse Ottoman & Portuguese models.